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Vinschgau blüht auf  is an initiative that transforms conventionally

managed public green areas  into species-rich meadows. It supports the creation of biodiverse and beautiful living places that increase the ecological and aesthetical values of the public green.

Vinschgau blüht auf encourages and enables also private land owners and residents to join the flowering transformation by creating species-rich corners in their gardens and balconies.

What is Vinschgau blüht auf?

We live in a social-ecological system that is becoming increasingly fragile due to different threatsbiodiversity loss, climate change, habitat destruction and pollution... just to name some of the challenges that humans and other-than-humans need to face. As human beings we have the power to make decisions and act to improve the living network we are part of. There are no more excuses to keep our eyes closed.

In spring 2023, public green areas in different municipalities in Vinschgau are going to become species-rich meadows. At the end of April and beginning of May, they will start blossoming, hosting pollinators and supporting other beings, including you. Keep your eyes opened and stay updated!

When and where does it happen?

Vinschgau blüht auf  is an initiative of the Umweltschutzgruppe Vinschgau, which collaborates with Beziksgemeinschaft Vinschgau to create insect-supporting landscapes inside municipalities.

This website has been realized as part of the master thesis project

Hosting Pollinators by Gabriela Miteva. It supports Vinschgau blüht auf  by promoting and enabling the creation of species-rich meadows as key pollinator habitats. It shares knowledge and encourages action to generate greater reciprocity among humans and pollinators.


more about Hosting Pollinators 

Who is behind it?

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